A little more about us

With the Art of classical equestrian training in danger of disappearing, Equestrian Journey’s sole purpose is to pass on traditional skills and knowledge to the next generation of riders and trainers; the skills and knowledge needed for the development of well-rounded, healthy, happy equine and human athletes.

We are especially involved in teaching the “Skills of Teaching” to ensure the continuance of the Art.

The educational backgrounds and methodology of our professionals are firmly grounded in the principles of all classical schools, facilitating a unique combined approach. Experience shows that all equine disciplines and breeds are enhanced by the application of these traditional training approaches. However, we also recognize the important role that current scientific knowledge plays in addressing “whole horse” health.

Our clinicians have developed a range of modern skills to accompany the traditional approaches of training. These include a deep understanding and ability to convey the importance of biomechanics, chiropractic care, osteopathy, acupuncture, massage therapy, acupressure, hoof mechanics, nutrition, saddle fitting and much more. We seek to bring together a comprehensive blend of such skills in our classical trainers, who are keen to work alongside experts in these fields, to provide an efficient and achievable path of progress. We are happy to arrange a combination of experts to compliment the educational experience.

And, as the horse truly is a mirror of its rider, we also strive to create a healthy, human athlete by providing guest clinicians from a wide range of disciplines including Tai Chi, yoga, human biomechanics, healthy nutrition and much more. In essence, we will bring together an exciting blend of art and science, designed to address both the horse and human as sentient beings.

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Last updated November 2009